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Optimise cashflow

Release cash, improve profitability and accurately forecast at speed with Gardenia Working Capital Analytics

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Digitalise and optimise cash flow in one secure platform. 


Increase Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) and improve the cost and operational efficiency of the Payables function.

Improve forecasting and risk management. Simplify data preparation for reporting.

Decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improve the cost and operational efficiency of the Receivables function.

Accounts Payable

Increase Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) by optimising supplier payments. Recover past duplicates and stop new ones.

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Duplicate Invoice Detection

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Term Harmonisation


Reduce the Cost of Goods (COGS) by optimising purchases. Increase the capture of early payment discounts and take advantage of volume rebates.

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Supplier Benchmarking

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Early Payment Discounting


Improve operational efficiencies. Flag and prevent clerical errors, and reduce operational costs by consolidating suppliers.

Gardenia-Checkmark-White  Predictive Analytics & Flagging

Gardenia-Checkmark-White  Spend Consolidation

Financial Planning & Analysis

Improve forecasting and risk management. Accurately forecast Future Net Cash Position and identify main areas of risk. Run what-if scenarios to calculate the improvement potential of different initiatives.

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Future Net Cash Position Forecasting

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Scenario Analysis

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Expected Payments Breakdown by Sub-entity, Currency, Bank Account

Accelerate management and reporting. Get complete visibility on daily cash inflows and outflows to target AR and AP activity. Track progress of key KPIs and the line-item tasks. While reducing repetitive error-prone tasks needed to prepare your P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements.

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Daily Cash Balance & Delta

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Gap-to-target tracking of key KPIs


Accounts Receivable

Decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by optimising the collection of customer payments. Identify and prevent late payments, and identify customers with above-average terms to renegotiate contracts.

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Due and Overdue Invoice Flagging

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Payment Term Harmonisation

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. Use Gardenia to identify and target top-value accounts for renegotiation. Easily target customers for dunning with overdue invoice alerts and tracking dashboards. Increase the predictability of AR and deploy capital where it matters most.

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Customer Benchmarking

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Gap-to-target tracking of key KPIs



AUTOMATE DATA CONSOLIDATION The data you need for effective cash management sits across multiple departments and source systems. The Gardenia Platform consolidates data into a single source of truth.
GET A COMPLETE VIEW ON YOUR CASH POSITION After data preparation, access your analytics dashboard to easily visualise and understand your cash flows and aggregated Net Cash Position.


Quickly release cash by reversing errors Improve your cash flow with easy-to-implement tactics such as Duplicate Invoice Detection. Utilise line-level actionable insights to chase items and recover cash.
Improve forecasting capabilities Start using Gardenia's automated forecasting tools to gain a clear view of inflows and outflows. Take advantage of predictive analytics to assess risks and opportunities in real-time, track them proactively, and establish a real-time approach to forecasting.


Run scenario-analysis to define strategy Assess different scenarios for DSO/DPO Day improvement. Identify the right pathway for desired cash cycle and profitability balance.
Set and track targets to capture value Define target payment terms and make plans to renegotiate contracts. Easily manage progress with real-time gap-to-target tracking of KPIs.
Accelerate reporting Automatically collect the data for your accounts and have it on hand whenever a report is due.


Continuously adapt your working capital cycle Get daily recommendations for improvement and risk mitigation. Utilise one-click scenario analysis to redefine strategy as needs change.
Build operational efficiency Leverage automation to simplify internal procedures. Our predictive analytics engine facilitates more effective resource allocation by sorting data and highlighting the most important focus areas, such as high-yield accounts and high-probability duplicates.
Gain resilience and flexibility in changing times Strong working capital governance secures the liquidity you need to meet Opex requirements and capture new market opportunities, while mitigating risk.


Better risk management

Better predict risks to protect the business’ cash position. The Gardenia Platform uses predictive analytics to forecast key financial indicators so that teams proactively implement the necessary course corrections.

Reduced reliance on funding

Improve operations to reduce reliance on costly funding. The Gardenia Platform algorithmically identifies process inefficiencies, analyses their root-cause and suggests improvement opportunities.

Improved stakeholder alignment

Get teams and departments aligned to a centralised strategy. The Gardenia Platform consolidates all initiatives into a single set of intuitive dashboards that cater for everyone from the c-suite to the front-line teams.

Improved Supplier and Customer relationships

Shift DSO and DPO without damaging relationships.The Gardenia Platform finds opportunities to improve terms and commercials, and ranks them by the probability of them being successfully implemented. 

Proactive compliance and real-time reporting

Keep records and reports up to date to effortlessly stay informed and compliant. The Gardenia Platform automates the preparation of all internal and external reporting requirements so they are ready whenever needed.

Discover data-driven cash flow management.

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