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Gardenia leverages its data platform to provide faster, smarter and more cost-effective financing


Cloud-based, automated financing desk.


Simplify access to the finance you need

Get a tailored finance solution for no additional cost
Programme Management
Benefit from the financing with minimal effort

Data Collection & Analysis

We use our platform to simplify the necessary go-between with funders to get you the financing you need.

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Automated data collection

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Performance-based analysis to improve the financing terms

Gardenia-Checkmark-White  Steering the shape and size of the programme

Gardenia-Checkmark-White  Preparing the due diligence package

Structuring & Placement

Once the shape and size of the programme has been agreed and approved, we do all the heavy lifting to get it structured and set up.

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Aligning funders, legal and accountants

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Setting up the funding vehicle & bank accounts

Gardenia-Checkmark-White  Connecting up to all systems and data sources

Gardenia-Checkmark-White  Liaising with internal teams to reduce resource requirements

Programme Management

Once the programme is up and running, we manage all of the day-to-day tasks, as well as all of the periodic reporting requirements.

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Programme Manager

Gardenia-Checkmark-White   Risk Manager

Gardenia-Checkmark-White  Calculation Agent

Gardenia-Checkmark-White  Regulatory Reporting



Better risk management Better predict counter-party risks so as not to have to pay for them. The Gardenia Platform uses machine learning to predict performance risks and automate the necessary course corrections.
Reduced reliance on funding Use your assets to reduce reliance on senior funding. Gardenia structures asset-based lending facilities to increase cash-flows and improve key financial indicators.
Improved stakeholder alignment Get risk-rewards aligned to achieve the optimal outcome. Gardenia uses its Platform to reduce risks by systematising funding decisions based on agreed criteria, to facilitates the crucial go-between with funders to ensure desired results.
Improved Supplier and Customer relationships Implement financing solutions that not only release cash but also improve margins. The Gardenia Platform is capable of deploying and managing multiple types of programmes depending on your commercial set-up.
Proactive compliance and real-time reporting Automate record-to-report and effortlessly stay compliant. The Gardenia Platform stores all algorithm inputs and resulting funding decisions, and automates the preparation of reporting requirements, so they are ready whenever needed.

Better Financing. Less hassle.

Get in touch to find out how Gardenia can help you use your data to discover better, faster financing opportunities.